About Cutlery in the Toaster

Cutlery in the Toaster started off as a phrase I made up, "I'm not the sharpest fork in the toaster." There were two other phrases, "square-est spoon in the garbage disposal," and, "shiniest knife in the blender," but the fork was my favorite.

How did it end up a game?

At first, it was just the phrase. But then I decided to create a small pseudo-script that basically joked about putting forks into a toaster indefinitely. Well, as long as the user stayed alive. Because why not, I then make it into a full working PHP script, which I then uploaded to this* site. I was then inspired to make it into a full, independent game.

* I lost the original site due to lack of funds, but I recently was able to buy it back.

I really like the (x/y) page. Can I have a copy?

Very few things on this site are secret. Actually, the only things secret are what should obviously be secret; exempli gratia, passwords. If you ask nicely, I will send you a slightly modified version of the page (headers removed, passwords removed, database names [where applicable]). Just let me know which page(s) and an address where I can contact you.

How many times did you survive the end of the world?

As of the December 21, 2012 prediction and according to a physical count on wikipedia, I survived the end of the world thirty three times. (posted: December 21, 2012 @ 11:40 PM)